Community is built around connection. The forming of relationships around common goals; mutual risk; and shared celebration. For Ottawa local and visual artist Marisa Gallemit, community is an integral part of her work. Her pieces, often comprised of textiles and found objects, not only derive context from the environments in which they were produced or installed, they also call on viewer participation—object activation via interaction.

Marisa portrait
pink tickets close up

We engaged Marisa and Anouk Bertner of EcoEquitable to collaborate on a series of items, produced from upcycled vintage Elections Canada bags. During this project, we were invited to accompany Marisa along to one of her installations. Pink, papier mache pinatas filled with flowers and adorned with “thank you” notes were hung from tree branches and fences—a simple, visual note of appreciation for her community and its members. A simple way to inject delight into the everyday experience.


Community is key

Beauty transforms the world around us

Experience and understanding is transmitted via physical objects

Passion inspires risk

Risk promotes growth

Passion propels craft

Do what makes you happy. Make it meaningful.