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Diamond City


Diamond City, a story-based, parallel universe inspired by our products, the cannabis industry and the world we live in. We invite you to follow along as the story develops through the eyes of some of the world’s most imaginative artists and creators.

Episode 1. Actuate The Power Plant

The Diamond City Power Plant is now fully functioning and the production of all fuel sources will be at 100% capacity shortly. Illustration and 132 Series soft chew mold design: Tyson Parks @tysondigital.

kolab edible graphic

Episode 2. By The Time I Get To Diamond City.

Love makes the world go around, but so do Diamonds. That’s why he had to leave. Illustration: Dylan Anderson @splitsaber.exe


Episode 3. Caviar For All.

Mayor Revkil has been afforded the privilege of luxury that most people only dream of. On this historic day, that all changed. Everyone can now experience the opulence of Caviar. Illustration: Jinhwa Jang @jinhwajangart


Episode 4. Return to Analogue.

When you realize it's time to go back to the basics, even if the basics aren't basic at all. Going off the grid never felt better. Illustrations: Anuj Shrestha @anujink.