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Kolab Project is a company with a license to grow and sell medical cannabis. We are not, however, a massive operation. We believe that precise efforts deliver precise results, and our process remains focused on providing the highest quality products. We believe that experimentation and innovation at a small scale has the power to create change for many, impacting the way we think about cannabis and cannabinoid treatment at large. Our mission is simple: provide Canadians with a carefully cultivated selection of unique strains and premium products. A selection that is celebrated for its quality, its consistency, and the unparalleled experience it facilitates.

Kolab Care Team

Our members are our top priority. We want to ensure that your experience with us is positive and supportive. The helpful members of our Kolab Care team are here to support and assist you every step of the way.

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Product Offering

As a registered member you will have access to a wide selection of indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD-rich strains, in the form of both dried flower and cannabis oil. In order to provide members with a treatment that best meets their unique needs and requirements, we offer a variety of options for flexible, effective relief. We hope you will come to trust our product selection, consistency, and availability. Every time you order a new strain from us a strain information card will be sent with your order. These strain cards list a detailed breakdown of the strain, THC and CBD content, anecdotal effects, as well as terpene and flavour profiles, to help you find the strains that are right for you.

Our Purpose Built Facility

Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade facility is located in Carleton Place, Ontario, and will total 20,000 square feet. Custom-designed and purpose-built specifically to cultivate cannabis for medical use, it has the room to grow as both a laboratory and a hub of innovation. We’re dedicated to leading the standard of quality in Canada and have gathered an experienced staff of industry leading experts across health care, cannabis, and cultivation to ensure that goal is met. We will provide an unparalleled experience across product, distribution, and member care. Kolab Project is Canada’s 55th company to receive a license to grow and sell cannabis from the Cannabis Act.

Dedicated Process

We work with leading health care practitioners and growth professionals to cultivate the finest medical cannabis strains for our members. We use strict growing, harvesting and drying procedures to produce a consistently high quality product, which is then tested and analyzed to ensure it meets Kolab’s standard of excellence and certification. Each lot is then assigned a unique number and is tracked throughout the entire process, for full transparency and accountability. At every stage throughout production, we provide reports in accordance to all regulations under the Cannabis Act. All personnel undergo specialized training to ensure optimal safety, quality and consistency. Our facilities and equipment are routinely and meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and documented by a team of trained professionals.


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