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Lotus Cannabis Co.

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Lotus Cannabis Co.

Kolab Project is proud to announce the launch of our Kalifornia strain, available in dried flower, in collaboration with Lotus Cannabis Co.—a premium cannabis producer based out of the northern Okanagan region in British Columbia.

Containing high THC (between 17% – 25%) and virtually no CBD, Kalifornia is a unique, heavy-hitting Indica dominant strain, bred from crossing the legendary Nepali OG with 88 G-13 Hashplant. The primary terpenes found in Kalifornia are beta-myrcene and limonene, while its aroma and tasting notes bring to mind dense, lush vegetation: woody and earthy, with sharp, spicy undertones.

Driven by our shared commitment to quality, refinement, and continuous improvement, Kalifornia is grown using high-calibrated automated systems, ensuring optimal grow conditions and a consistent product. All bud is trimmed by hand, then harvested and cured using a slower dry process at a low temperature. “Perfect for that slow summer night — or simply surfing at your own pace.” In conversation with Lotus Cannabis Co.:

How does experimentation lend itself to your day to day?

Experimentation is very rarely incidental, or free-flowing. There’s a certain level of rigour in all that we do — all of our ideas or hypotheses are rooted in, and validated by, empirical findings, and executed upon extremely thoughtfully. Any minor adjustments made may have tremendous impact on the final product, and in our consumers’ experiences. However, there is always value in seeking out new ways to do things — experimentation is an important step in refinement, of both your product and your process.

kolab project image kolab project image kolab project image

“Experimentation is an important step in refinement, of both your product and your process”

What are the brand values / ethos driving your work?

To grow cannabis requires not only an extensive understanding of the plant, but also an understanding of human nature; putting into practice one’s education and technical abilities while balancing it with the everyday realities of the product. Cannabis consumption is a unique and personal ritual; the complexities surrounding the plant and its uses is a bit like wine in that respect. People might seek out specific strains for X and another strain for Y, and it’s important to understand how one’s experience will differ based on the decisions made at the growth and cultivation stages.

What does the future for cannabis hold?

The possibilities are endless! At Lotus, we often talk about the need to have a high comprehension for potential in growing — making decisions based on a calculated, thoughtful understanding of what the consequences of your actions will be. The industry as a whole is no different. It’s the responsibility of seasoned vets to create space for others to come in and evolve existing ideas (or bring forth new ones).

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