Online Registration Coming Soon

To access and purchase medical cannabis with Kolab Project, you must first sign up as a registered member. Online registration will be available soon. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates. For manual registration, contact Kolab Project by phone or by email and follow the steps outlined below.

  • Toll Free:
  • Email:
  • Open Days:
  • Hours:


Complete the Kolab Project Registration Form provided.

Email a signed copy of the Consent to Disclose Personal Information Form to kolabcare@kolabproject.

Provide a signed copy of this consent form to your Health Care Practitioner.


Meet with your Health Care Practitioner for a consultation.

Have them fill out and sign the Medical Document for Medical Cannabis.

For assistance finding a Health Care Practitioner for your cannabis prescription, please contact our Kolab Care team.


Have your Health Care Practitioner fax the completed documents to Kolab Project at 1-855-640-5005 or email them to kolabcare@kolabproject.

Once your registration has been verified and approved, we will contact you with your unique member number and a direct link to the online store.

If you have registered with us prior to October 22, 2018 we will notify you when the necessary documents become available. Thank you for your patience.