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F. Miller

Ritual is highly personal. It’s a moment carved out with intention, defined only by one’s own ongoing commitment to it. It can be loud and performative. It can be quiet and understated. The participant powers the ritual, allowing it to be.

Toronto’s Fran Miller is the founder and namesake of F. Miller Skincare, an all-natural skincare line which prioritizes minimalism in the pursuit of quality. Kolab Project recently engaged Fran and her team to collaborate on a three-piece essentials collection featuring a Roll-on, a Multi-Balm, and a Balancing Mist.

What is the driving vision behind your work?

F. Miller Skincare is an extension of myself and the value I put on simplicity, ritual, and plant-based body care. The brand was founded on the desire to integrate the highest quality holistic ingredients with timeless, effortless minimalism—an offering that I felt was lacking in the overwhelming world of beauty and skincare at the time. After struggling with personal skin sensitivities while trying to lean into a more natural daily routine, I found it hard to source clean products that were all at once highly effective, a sensorial pleasure to use, and beautifully packaged. So I sought out to create my own.

I believe that the simplest, smallest acts of daily ritual can have a profound effect on our physical body, mental clarity, energy and mood. I hope that the daily essentials we have created with Kolab will encourage and enhance mindfulness and consistency in those small personal moments of balance, calm and grounding.

“Find the ritual within your reach”


What do your own self-care rituals look like?

For me, minimalism and ritual are interconnected. If a ritual is too elaborate, I often won't connect to it as deeply and in turn am more likely to push it to the bottom of the priority list. Self-care is essential for our own well-being and, ultimately, that of the ones closest to us or who may rely on us. That being said, it doesn't have to be expensive, complicated or perceived in this self-indulgent way that many view it.

My version consists of simple morning and evening rituals that I end up looking forward to throughout my day. I’ll burn an oil blend or incense while doing a 5 minute morning meditation, followed by 5 min of stretching. I use energizing essential oils in the shower to help wake up, quick minimal skincare and then take 10 min to sit with a coffee while journaling and organizing my day. Evenings are all about shutting off and calming down; often with herbal tea, a bath, and any skincare routines that are more involved. Find the ritual within your reach.

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