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Safari Flower Co.

dried cannabis on crystal plinth in front of a backdrop of quarter cylinders arch side up dried cannabis on crystal plinth in front of a backdrop of quarter cylinders arch side up dried cannabis on crystal plinth in front of a backdrop of quarter cylinders arch side up

Safari Flower Co.

Experimentation exists between the push and pull; in the harmony within strict regulation and free-flowing intuition. Moving through tension is, in itself, an artform — a graceful dance of adjustment and anticipation in the pursuit of a deeper understanding. Trusting what you know, while staying curious about what you don’t yet understand — or haven’t yet been made aware of.

Sweetly Vanilla. Powerfully Pungent.

Produced in collaboration with Safari Flower Co., a premium craft grower based out of Ontario’s lush Niagara region, Ice Cream Cake dried flower (3.5 g) is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid. With THC levels reaching 19 - 25%, and virtually no CBD, Ice Cream Cake may be recognized by its distinctive buds. Light green with purple colourization and prominent trichome crystals, Ice Cream Cake offers a unique aroma and flavour profile — a sweet, almost-vanilla taste combined with a powerful diesel finish, offset with a light, peppery citrus zest.

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(Em)powered by collaboration, the Kolab Project Growers Series highlights some of the unique partnerships born from a shared commitment to quality, refinement, and continuous experimentation.

In conversation with Safari Flower Co.:

“Language helps to shape, and define, our everyday experiences. Intentionally, we refer to our cultivars as ‘wild’ — allowing consumers to know, and on some level, innately understand, that our seeds and plants are grown from designer strains allowed to develop their distinct characteristics over many years of creative breeding. This idea of language enabling experience is carried through in our tasting notes, using common, accessible verbiage to help you better facilitate and evolve your personal rituals — what does a ‘sweet’ strain bring you personally, versus one with a ‘diesel’ or ‘berry’ finish? Language helps to establish the relationship between You and the Object (or Act). Cannabis consumption is extremely personal. Navigate it in a way that feels correct for you. It’s part of our responsibility as new wave growers and producers to connect our world to others.”

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