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232 Series

Black Cherry Punch


Welcome to Diamond City. Kolab Project 232 Series THCA Diamonds are the result of hydrocarbon extraction to purify the cannabinoid components from a single strain, fresh frozen flower. The cannabinoids form into hard, crystalline structures while the terpenes mainly stay behind in the liquid (or terp sauce). Diamonds have a very limited terpene profile, they are mostly THCA and can only be activated by heat. Additionally, they're packaged into a recyclable and resealable 1g jar so that once opened they retain their freshness. The jar is then kept safe in a biodegradable carton. 232øC is the mid-range temperature at which most terpenes boil without burning, maximizing the flavour profile and natural expression of the plant through balanced, consistent heat activation. We use 232 as a shorthand to define excellence, and intention; 232 is the broad spectrum of cannabis potential, actualized. The Cutting Edge of Ancient Technology.

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product image of 232 Series: Diamonds


Black Cherry Punch

Available In

1 Piece


1 g


Range 800-920 mg/g


0 mg/g


Terpinolene, Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Ocimene, Alpha-Terpineol



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